As an upcoming Web3 or cryptocurrency project, one major concern is finding community members. If you'd ask us, this is not an easy task, but effective positioning can help you make remarkable impressions enough to drive in your target audience. This is where the gleam contest comes in. It is a tool that helps you manage your outreach without breaking a sweat. To those still skeptical of its usefulness, let's help you analyze everything about the glean contest below.

How do I get more people to participate in a giveaway via gleam contest?

A gleam contest might help drive members; it has to be done properly if you hope to get your desired results. Some of the actions you can put in place include:

  • A captivating theme

You should use an enticing theme for your crypto theme that relates to the project at hand. For instance, you can use a pet theme for a meme coin-related cryptocurrency to add uniqueness to your headline, entry style, etc. You can also consider making the prize different from the usual generic giveaways.

Your business's theme doesn't correspond to a specific product or service. People will respond if you use your theme cleverly, imaginatively, and deliberately positioned.

  • Photography approach

These days, people prefer to post pictures of themselves and family and pictures of holidays and pets. A contest or giveaway centered around a photo can be a terrific approach to gain involvement because they'll do it without being asked.

Remember to ensure they only get one shot at winning your prize. Also, because you can't make changes to the rules after the contest has begun, careful planning is essential to the success of your brand.

  • Team game

By partnering with another firm, you can increase your sweepstakes' reach by as much as three times. Your brands shouldn't compete but should complement one another, with some audience overlap but not audience mirroring.

A partner should expand your reach and introduce your brand to new audiences in exchange for a piece of their audience. To succeed, you'll need a solid plan in place. Getting your brand's beliefs and ambitions in sync with another's is a delicate balancing act, so your team should thoroughly investigate potential partners before committing.

For these sweepstakes, you may collaborate with an influencer or a non-profit. Expand the range of options and boost participation.

  • Referrals

Referrals may be a good fit for your sweepstakes if you want to get more people involved and increase your company's exposure. In today's world, it's socially acceptable to tag friends in photos, share interesting posts, and inform them about potential crypto projects.

You can make the prize something like an airdrop that will not only benefit the referral but also the referred persons. It can be that the referral is open to enjoy a certain percentage of all of the referred person's prizes or the referred person gets a percentage for being referred and using a referral code. In this case, it is a win-win for every participant.

  • Follow, like, and share page option

Another strategy to boost participation is encouraging entrants to post the giveaway on their social media accounts. Here's how it all works: Users may have noticed you offered a promotion in an email or on your website and entered to win. When a user comes through the door, use it to your advantage. Your social media page is a brand champion that should not be left inactive.

In addition, create something to boost their enthusiasm, like congratulate them by displaying a screen that reads, "You've been entered! Congratulations!" "It's time to spread the love around." Then, adding a clear call-to-action button for each social media platform will make it easy for them to share their interest. You'll receive more traffic and more interaction if they just click.

  • Prize

The more significant value of your possible rewards causes more excitement. Let folks know that the reward is worth every of the stress that they will have to undergo. You can organize coin drops, whitelists, airdrops, and other attractive prizes that would benefit your audience.

Using phrases like "a whitelist with a value of $1,500" can pique the interest of your readers and encourage them to enter the contest. When you can see the exact monetary amount at stake, it's difficult to hold back from taking action.

Laying the prize bare is best! Do not just dangle the word, prize, without stating it. Seeing the actual prize value on display will ginger your audience participation.

  • Urgency

Seeing a clock that's ticking is a powerful motivator for many people. FOMO (Fear of missing out) is triggered when the clock is ticking down to the last minute before it's too late to enter and win.

You can use this strategy in conjunction with various contest strategies and techniques. Nothing is more important than clearly stating your timeframes. You cannot use a countdown clock to end the entry period and generate additional activity. A good sweepstakes partner is essential for several reasons. They'll lay out the rules upfront with you, so there aren't any surprises when it comes time to implement them.

Do giveaways on gleam contests increase community members?

Yes, they do. A giveaway is a magnet that can pull the crowd.

With social media freebies, you may quickly boost your brand's audience, your email list, and the number of new leads you can attract.

Giveaways have a greater conversion rate than any other material, at 34%. In addition, with more leads, you'll be able to reach a wider audience and turn them into consumers.

How do you promote the gleam contest?

You can promote your gleam contest through the following means. They will help you get across to your target audience.

  • Publish a contest announcement on your Website.

An announcement or notification should be prominently displayed on the homepage and linked pages so that everyone visiting your site knows the contest and can easily participate.

Customizing pop-ups or notifications with Gleam Capture allows every visitor to be alerted to the contest and encouraged to participate.

Using Gleam Capture saves you time and effort because the code only needs to be placed on your website template once. You'll be able to build and use several Captures on your website simultaneously once the code is in the header section.

A few examples of pop-ups and notifications you can use to promote your contest are as follows.

  • Notification bar

It's easy to advertise a contest without being intrusive to visitors by using a notification bar. New visitors can access your content by clicking on the link. In addition, it serves as a subtle reminder to those who return to the site.

  • Pop-ups

Using a pop-up banner on your website is the best way to ensure your website visitors see your contest.

Using the Current URL rule in Gleam Capture, you may show a pop-up on a certain URL. To let potential customers know they have a chance of winning, you can place a pop-up on the product's website.

  • Countdown timer banner

A live countdown in your pop-up might add even more intrigue if a big pop-up banner isn't enough for you. Use a custom-made timer with a loud design to entice site visitors to take action before your contest expires.

  • Publish a post about your contest on your Blog

There's no excuse not to blog about your future giveaway if you have an active blog on your website. Creating a basic banner is all you need to do to define your contest and underline some essential information visually.


Gleam contests are productive if you can devise the necessary energy and tactics to get it right. You can also use social media, add enticing referral bonuses, and ensure the competition is easy to understand. They are very effective for driving users and prospect to your crypto project. 

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